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ICONTEC certification under the ISO 9001 standard

The certification of our management system, granted by the ICONTEC under the ISO 9001 standard, evidence that we have a dynamic, robust and effective management system, which grow year after year, continuously improving and contributing to the achievement of the objectives set out by the company in its strategic direction.

In 2014, INDISA S.A. we renewed the Quality Management certificate extending the certification scope to "Design, consulting and commissioning services of: Plants, Equipment, Components and systems for industrial and infrastructure projects. Manufacturing, assembly and start-up of thermal equipment; combustion systems, industrial ovens, environmental control equipment, gas equipment, equipment and systems for the natural gas infrastructure, Equipment for storage, regulation, gas compression or decompression, Metal structures, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Cylinders, Hydraulic Power Units. Consulting, review, verification and auditing of gas networks"





After evaluating our portfolio, experience and reference for many of our clients some entities have certified us, as a suitable provider to establish long-term business relationships.


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