We Hatch Indisa are part of the network of technological partners of ISAGEN, a group of 27 companies that serve the energetic needs of the Final Industrial Customers of ISAGEN (CFI) through a portfolio of productive solutions, which can be viewed virtually by the CFI in www.isagen.com.co

We Hatch participates in the portfolio of productive solutions providing:

Electrical Services: Analysis of losses in electric networks, grounding grids and shielding system design, Design and commissioning of electrical networks, replacement of electric motors Evaluation, studies to increase the installed capacity.

Combustion Analysis and calibration of combustion equipments, design and construction of gas networks, Inspection and maintenance of gas networks, measurement of combustion parameters, pneumatic and hydrostatic testing to gas networks, advisory for the combustion equipment selection.

Energy Efficiency: Process Audits, Environmental and energy, energy efficiency projects execution, cogeneration studies, measurements of heat flow transfer, Study and design of heat recovery systems.

Trainings in: gas and fuel oil burners, consumption indicators management, Measurement and correction of gaseous fuel flows, energy efficiency, rational use of energy (URE)  applied to thermodynamical process, energy saving, audits and energy management, alternative energy, fuel substitution .

Equipment supply
Design: civil works, industrial plants
Design and construction: mechanical systems

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